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  • Online community​

    • As people in technical roles, we face additional challenges, such as odd schedules, which make it difficult to meet in person. Our online discussion community was started to overcome the physical barriers of meeting. We encourage everyone to join the Slack community and introduce yourself in the #introductions channel.​

    • The only community is a safe place, where any topic may be discussed, ranging from work-life balance, parental leave and work re-entry, advice on career progression, advertising speaking and networking opportunities, and sharing job postings.

  • Monthly newsletter

    • Our newsletter features our monthly Leading Lady blog post, relevant articles, events, and discussions.​

    • Our past newsletters can be found in our archive.

  • Blog posts interviewing women in industry, just like you

    • Every month, we share an interview with a Leading Lady: a person who can be an industry veteran or just starting to make waves. It's designed to showcase a side of the industry that we usually don't see and aims to inspire others to stay in the industry. By seeing others like ourselves, we want to generate a sense of belonging in our industry while we work to set that diverse image as the new standard in geoscience.​

    • To read past blog posts, check out this page.

  • Webinars, in-person meetings, and courses

    • In-person meetings are a great way to network and our webinars focus on a variety of topics, both diversity-related and technical talks. We have hosted and supported courses as well. All upcoming events are posted on here.​

  • Encourage participation and grab opportunities

    • To achieve our goal of gender parity, we discovered that organizations do not seem to recognize a lack of diversity or are not attuned to recognize it. If they do recognize it, they are unsure of who to invite. WGC strives to advertise these opportunities to participate and encourage our members to get involved in professional organizations. ​

    • Meanwhile, we work to remind organizations of the benefits of diversity and help them connect with people to achieve more equity, inclusivisity, and diversity.

  • Mentorship program (in the works!)

    • At any stage in our careers, mentorships are an opportunity to have an open line of communication with someone who wants to see you grow as both a person and a professional, and is willing to provide guidance, feedback, and advice along the way. A mentorship program is part of our strategy to retain women in geoscience careers in the long-term.​

    • We are drafting our mentorship program and want to get this right. We envision both "coffee chat" type of meetings, which may be in-person or virtual, as well as long-term relationships between a mentor and a mentee.


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