Sarah Devriese, PhD, P.Geo.

Sarah holds a PhD in geophysics and works at Condor North Consulting. She is on the mining committee for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and was previously a board member for the British Columbia Geophysical Society.

Jenna McKenzie, P.Geo.

Jenna is the co-founder and Principal Geophysicist of Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience, a consultancy providing integrated geological and geophysical services. She is a director with DMEC and the KEGS foundation.

Diana Benz, PhD

Diana has worked in the mineral exploration industry for over two decades. She holds a PhD, which focused on biogeochemistry and geostatistics, and is the founder and president of Takom Exploration.

Vicki Tschirhart, PhD

Vicki holds a PhD in geophysics and works as a research scientist for the Geological Survey of Canada. She is on the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Emerging Professional International Committee and Gravity/Magnetics

Ken Witherly

Ken is the president of Condor Consulting and works as a senior geophysicist. Ken is very active with professional societies and conferences, and advocates for diversity.

Farzaneh Farahani, MSc, P.Geo.

Farzaneh holds an MSc in geophysics and is a project geophysicist at Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience since 2016. As an internationally trained geoscientist, she is passionate about helping women geoscientists with diverse backgrounds.

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