We are primarily women in technical roles in geology, geophysics, and related disciplines. We invite and include supporters from all genders, and advocate for increased gender balance within our fields. We host an online community (on Slack) to help reach all of our members, who are located across Canada and the world, and are often travelling or in the field.


This initiative arose once we started counting the number of men versus women at workshops and conferences. An astoundingly small percentage of invited speakers and session chairs were women, despite larger percentages of women (albeit still relatively underrepresented) in the audience. There are qualified women out there who can also fill these roles—what can we do to promote their involvement?


The literature has noted how for younger geoscientists, there is much less of a gender gap than at later career stages (SEG TLE, 2014). How do we retain women in geoscience careers? 


Image adapted from Sprunt et al (SEG TLE, 2014)

Exploration '17 provided an invaluable forum to connect with fellow professional, qualified female geoscientists. It has since become our goal to elevate these women, to promote them and their science, and to encourage them to continue careers in geology, geophysics, and geochemistry.

For more details, read our business plan.