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#kidsathome - WGC ideas!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

In many countries around the world, schools are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. On WGC's slack community, we have a channel #kidsathome where we started sharing ideas on how to keep children entertained and learning during these challenging times. While not everyone wants to join us on Slack, we thought we would transcribe the ideas to a blog post. This also makes it easy to share with your colleagues and friends!

Last updated: February 03, 2021

For parents Resources from the WHO

Printable Resources For table work Big Life Journal Little Inventors FIRST Lego League How to Train Your Dragon Printables Move Mining Next Gen Little Passports

Online Resources Audible stories

NASA Starchild (K-8)

NASA Imagine (age 14+)

Reading Eggs/Math Seeds Raz Kids Mathletics Brain Pop Jr Typetastic Math Invaders Tynker Coding PBS Kids Lego


For babies and toddlers

All about Neil Armstrong (link provided by 6th grader Elijah)

iPad apps (may also be available for Android) Box Battle World Map Highlights Hidden Picture Garage Band Mad Libs Pottery Happy Color Sound Touch iWriteWords Tynker Jr Kodable Originator Reader Letter Sounds 22Learn Sight Words Epic! Minecraft PBS Parents Play

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